Free Drop-In Classes

Come and join our FREE drop-in mindfulness classes at the Linh Son Buddhist Temple (76 Beulah Hill, London SE19 3EW) every Sunday 5-6pm.

Classes will also be streamed on Facebook live through our My Meditation Practice Facebook page.


5-6pm every Sunday

Mindfulness for everyday living

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness is traditionally cultivated by the practice of meditation in which people learn to pay attention in each moment with full awareness and with a friendly interest. Meditation is not about clearing the mind, but rather coming to see the mind’s patterns. Daily meditation practice allows people to see the way in which certain patterns of mind lead to escalation of emotions, despite our best efforts to control them. 

When people practice mindfulness meditation for any length of time, a number of qualities of their experience change. People say they feel more aware or awake, feel calmer and are more able to see clearly and gain freedom from their own emotional patterns and habits. They feel freer to be more compassionate to themselves and to others. 

Mindfulness has undergone lots research which suggests it is helpful for a wide range of issues ranging from stress, depression, chronic pain and many more.

Mindfulness drop in class

In this weekly drop in Mindfulness class you will learn to develop your own Mindfulness practice. The class is 1 hour long and consists of Mindful movement and a guided Meditation, Each week will be completely different from the last and will explore a wide range of Mindfulness and Meditation approaches to help you find what works for you. This class in ideal for beginners and experienced mediators alike. All classes are taught by a fully qualified Mindfulness teacher listed with the British Association for Mindfulness-Based Approaches.  

Every Sunday 5-6pm

Linh Son Buddhist Temple 

76 Beulah Hill London SE19 3EW

Mindfulness retreat days

Retreat days will give students the chance to practice a full day of Mindfulness partly in silence with a vegetarian lunched included. This is the perfect way to experience a mini Mindfulness retreat in the heart of Crystal Palace. Throughout the day Students will practice Mindful movement, guided Mindfulness meditations and will be invited to partake in a silent Mindful lunch. All Meditations will be guided by a fully qualified Mindfulness teacher listed with the British Association for Mindfulness-Based Approaches.  

Last Saturday of every month 1pm-6pm

Crystal Palace Osteopaths & Yoga Studio 

10 Westow Street, Upper Norwood, SE19 3AH

The Four foundations of mindfulness 4 week course

This 4 week course will take you through the four foundations of mindfulness as set out in the Satipatthana Sutra and will help students to build tools and develop there own mindfulness practice. This course will be structured on the for foundations of mindfulness namely mindfulness of the




Feelings tones / sensations pleasant, unpleasant and neutral


Mind / consciousness


Dhammās in the context of the minds objects

The course consists of 4 weekly sessions lasting 2 hours per week where students will learn in groups of a maximum of 20 people. All materials for the course will be provided and students will be asked to practice at home during the course for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. 

Limited spaces are available so book early to avoid disappointment.

Linh Son Buddhist Temple 

76 Beulah Hill, London SE19 3EW

8-week MBCT Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course

In our 8-week MBCT course, participants meet together as a class two hours a week for eight weeks. The main ‘work’ is done at home and between classes. CDs or MP3 down loads accompany the 8-week course which you use to practise on your own at home once a day, six days a week.  In the course there is an opportunity to talk about your experiences with the home practices, the obstacles that inevitably arise, and how to deal with them skilfully. 

MBCT is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) (NHS)  as an effective treatment for people who suffer from recurrent episodes of depression. Evidence shows that MBCT can, on average, reduce the risk of relapse of recurrent depression by 43%. And is increasingly used in therapeutic practice across the globe. Although this MBCT course has been proven to help with depression it is not just for people who have suffered from depression this course can be taken by anyone who is interested in developing there own Mindfulness practice. 

Linh Son Buddhist Temple

76 Beulah Hill, London, SE19 3EW

Mindfulness in the work place

We offer bespoke mindfulness workshops, courses, classes and trainings for businesses, groups and organisations. We can tailor fit what ever you need for events, training days or courses. We provide individual mindfulness tuition to CEOs, directors, partners and employees in high stress roles. Our mindfulness tutors are fully qualified and all meet the government’s standard of best practice for mindfulness in the workplace.

We also offer classes and talks at events of any kind. Our service is vast and can also be implemented into school settings.

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